Sciguy (sciguy98) wrote in lizzycon,


hey, did you guys want me to go ahead and make a batch (aka 8-10) of riceballs for AMA to follow with the FB cosplay?
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That would be great (even though I'm not in the FB cosplay)... I'd like to try one, will you be making some that are suitable for vegetarians that don't eat fish (such as me)? I heard the ones at the picnic had tuna in them so I didn't try one.
well, they were Salmon at the picnic. Yeah, I was worried about making them out of fish because I knew some people were either allergic or didn't like to eat fish (or meat in general).

What do you suggest I put in a few of them for the vegetarians?
Um... whatever goes in riceballs that isn't fishy or meaty? I have no idea what usual ingredients are... lol

lol, that's the beauty of onigiri. Everything goes in them! There are no "usual" ingredients because any food that can be chopped up can go into a riceball.